Class Rules

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contender025-300.jpgThe International Contender Class Rules are regularly reviewed in order to prohibit the use of exotic materials or expensive equipment. This prevents the escalating cost of sailing "the Ultimate Singlehander".

In recent year the costs of spars from aluminium have been rising while availability is decreasing, the cost of carbon fibre spars has been decreasing, therefore the class has approved the use of carbon fibre masts and booms. Loose footed sails are now permitted. 

Class members have repeatedly refused to reduce the bare hull weight because members wish to preserve the market value of older hulls. Change the rig, protect the hull investment.The rules permit licensed and amateur builders to construct this boat. Hulls are built successfully in all wood, composite glassfibre hull/wood deck and all glassfibre. 

Get your copy of International Contender Class Association Rules here: pdfINTERNATIONAL_CONTENDER_ASSOCIATION_RULES.pdf

Every year a World Championship is being held. These truely internationals events are governed by the following rules:  pdfICA-Championship_Rules_2011.pdf

The most up to date class rules for the boat can best be downloaded from the ISAF Contender page. Go to the tab "Technical" underneath the Contender photo. You'll find the official measurent form and the class rules there.